Rabbi Chaim and Chayala Markovits founded Chabad of Rural Georgia in December 2019 and moved to Atlanta to start this effort during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia and Bel Air, CA respectively, they've dedicated their lives to the Jews of Rural Georgia, forming the only such organization in the world. 

Rabbi Yonatan Ariel Hambourger recently moved to Georgia from California after a long and distinguished career in an advisory capacity to other Rabbis; as well as managing the operations of one of the largest Chabad synagogues in Los Angeles, California.

Rabbi Yonatan volunteers his services to Chabad of Rural Georgia and excels at connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and supporting them in their quest for more meaning and success in life. 

Lynda Schumer lives in Arizona and she has been working with Chabad of Rural Georgia since 2021

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